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Our aim is to fuel our consumers with the most advanced product offering needed to enhance and accelerate optimal human performance and wellness. This is achieved through a continual process of re-evaluation of the status-quo, using only the highest quality ingredients and our own certified manufacturing facilities to guarantee the ultimate standard in sports nutrition.


After two years of working passionately in the background, tempering our thirst to deliver a truly world-class sports nutrition brand, EVOLVE NUTRITION launched in February 2009. We wanted to cause disruption in a stagnant category by providing real science and the highest quality products available to consumers.

Developed, formulated and manufactured by a passionate team of qualified industry experts including Food Scientists, Sports Nutritionists and Formulatory Experts with over 45 years of combined sports nutrition specific experience.

You can guarantee that every EVOLVE NUTRITION product that you purchase is technically advanced with countless hours of development time, testing and real-world analysis to maximize your recovery and performance levels, while seamlessly blending into your lifestyle.

We continue our journey to becoming a global brand, with over 1 million orders processed to date, availability in over 19 countries world-wide and over 3 million reach on social media.

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