Q: My order has not yet arrived, what do I do next?
A: Please submit a message on the “Contact Us” page, and we will be more than happy to track your parcel and advise accordingly.
Q: What is the minimum order value?
A: There is no minimum order value, you can order as much or as little as you’d like.
Q: If I suffer from lactose intolerance, which products are not suitable for me?
A: Whey protein does contain lactose, which varies from product to product. Some individuals may tolerate whey powder better than other with this condition. However, opting for a plant-based protein source would be better handled in your gut.
Q: Can I use the Evolve mass gainers as a meal replacement?
A: Absolutely. Decrease the serving size accordingly to receive the necessary macros (carbs, proteins and fats).
Q: Which pre-workout is the strongest?
A: This is a multi-faceted question, and would depend on what you’re looking for in a pre-workout product. If your intention is solely based on a “pump” effect, we would recommend Neuro-Pump – one of the products in our award-winning Clinical Series. Should you opt more for a stim-based product, nothing compares to Neuro-Drive. Additionally, our other pre workout products have never failed, such as our bread and butter Chemical X and Vandal Industries’ DTP – which has proven to be the most popular preworkout in our range for the past year.
Q: Can I use Evolve Tri-whey even if I’m not training?
A: Most certainly. Our Tri-whey blend caters for your daily protein requirements and can be utilised to reach protein targets, whether it is an addition to a smoothie, yogurt, cereal or on its own!
Q: How do I apply for an ambassadorship position?
A: Kindly send your credentials to info@evolve-nutrition.com.
Q: How do I become an Evolve stockist?
A: Kindly send your full company details to info@evolve-nutrition.com, in order for management to review your request and respond accordingly.
Q: Will I receive the same discounts/deals from other stores as I would off the Evolve site?
A: Unfortunately, not. Deals and promotions displayed on the Evolve online store are exclusive.
Q: Who do I contact regarding events, shows and competitions?
A: Please send an email to info@evolve-nutrition.com. Our events co-ordinators will revert back to you subsequent to review of your request.