Here are the products that create the building blocks of your supplement strategy. Everything from our premium TRI-WHEY, through to our  stage-release TRUE MICELLAR CASEIN, advanced meal replacements and engineered mass gainers. Irrespective of your goal, you’ll find a supplement here that will help you make it a reality, while ensuring the most convenience and market leading taste sensation.


This is where sports nutrition started. It’s the origin of the category, the place where the most tried, tested and proven ingredients have a home. We have identified the most critical single ingredients that will allow you to blend-your-own. Elevate your favorite pre-workout or enhance the effects of your intra-workout nutrition by following the instructions on pack and taking your personalized nutrition up a notch!


A revolutionary new category in our offering! This is our lifestyle and weight loss offering, for a complete solution to managing your best wellness status. If you’re looking for anti-aging COLLAGEN COMPLETE, CLA, OXYBURN ELITE or the best low calorie meal replacements and single ingredient weight loss solutions, this is your destination category!


Developed to support the performance and nutritional needs of elite level bodybuilders and strength athlete. We have made this nutritional technology available to those who demand a new level of performance nutrition. This complete category offers testosterone amplifiers, mass gainers, post-workout whey proteins, pre-workouts and more. If your goal is all about adding mass, this is your one stop offering.


This category is rooted in the most up-to-date clinical research, and supported with the utilization of the most advanced, patented, patent-pending and trademarked ingredients, at their clinical dosage for a new level of smart, clinically proven performance! This premium offering represents decades of research, millions of Dollars of development and the most advanced nutrition you’ll ever experience!


Our approach is simple. Supplements need to fit into your lifestyle in such a way that it can become an easy part of your daily routine. The Convenient Living range of supplements help to seamlessly blend in you your wellness strategy, ensuring that regardless of your goals, your health is prioritized top of mind. We care for your our daily non-stimulant weight loss goals, herbal and botanical extracts as well as your daily multi-vitamin and mineral range. Keeping your finger on the pulse of your health is key.


The Best-In-Class manufacturing

EVOLVE NUTRITION has constructed the most advanced sports nutrition dedicated manufacturing facility in Southern Africa. Our best-in-class manufacturing facility includes pharmaceutical grade HEPA, ULPA and HVAC airflow technology which removes upwards of 99.97% of all airborne contaminants for total product safety! We have incorporated a pharmaceutically designed flow and processes in place for maximum efficiency and quality control management at every point of our 10-Point Quality Check. Furthermore, our bespoke facility carries the globally recognized and industry leading FSSC 22000, ISO 22000, NSF, UKAS and FDA certification for manufacturing controls, food safety, technical competency, quality and manufacturing integrity!

Proof is in the pudding......

In the real world, competitive athletes generally need to ‘make do’ with the supplementation they are given. With EVOLVE NUTRITION, this isn’t the case. Since joining as an ELITE ATHLETE, I’ve been part of every product development that is in line with my own unique goals. I’m not a number, I’m part of the real-world testing! You see, product development is all about ensuring that the elite athletes needs are met. And everyone, even the new trainer can benefit from the extraordinary supplementation that EVOLVE delivers! I know that without question, EVOLVE NUTRITION continues to be the defining factor that keeps my training, recovery, conditioning and results in check. I see the passion that the team has in delivering something that exceeds my expectations every time. The proof is in the pudding….

Backing it up

Making a claim that you are the best is all fine, as long as your performance and results confirm that. EVOLVE NUTRITION is all about being backed by science and testing. Not testing to support their theories and marketing, but science to inform them on what the formulations and ingredients should be. Their product development takes much longer than most, because they strive to give the best product. I love that they take my input and do something with it. I love that they NEVER shy away from independent testing. I love that they never use substandard ingredients and empty marketing promises. In competitive sport there is no room for error, that is why I love EVOLVE NUTRITION. Period.

Meet the team

EVOLVE NUTRITION has always been about advancing the sports and performance category beyond the status quo. At our Global Head Office, our collective aim is to do things differently and in doing so, to do things better! 

Our expert Science Team work tirelessly to develop, analyses and continually improve our offering. We provide the best-in-class sports nutrition, lifestyle, health and wellness products and convenient nutrition, with an ever-expanding range of quality and trusted products in leading specialist retail stores, pharmacies, supplements shops or online.

We are leading the global shift through of the use of quality, efficacious third-party tested ingredients, scientifically correct dosages and the provision of an array of formats that suit your individual lifestyle! We are not your average supplement company. 

Isn’t it time you EVOLVE?

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