Pre, Intra & Post Workout Supplementation

Fuelling any workout is absolutely essential. Adequate fuel and hydration before, during, and after training is vital to yield the most out of your workout and optimize performance.

Before delving into the products, let us first understand what the functions of each product are:


Pre-workout products are designed to increase your energy levels before a workout so you can train harder for longer, and reduce the effects of fatigue. Not all pre-workouts contain the same ingredients, although certain compounds tend to be used more often – such as caffeine and beta alanine among others.

In conclusion, consistently using pre-workouts has created an ability for users to maintain high-intensity workouts for longer, whilst also recovering faster. It should be noted that depending on a pre-workout’s chemical make-up, some users may build a tolerance to a product – requiring them to either increase dosages or take a break from the product for an extended period of time. 

Evolve Nutrition’s pre-workout formulas are a result of extensive R & D research, meticulously working to yield the greatest performance output, whilst considering longevity and overall health of the user.


Intra (or “within”)-workout supplements are designed to be used during your workout. These products help provide fuel for your workout, assist with improved endurance, increase output volume, lean muscle maintenance and hydration.

Individuals who train for prolonged periods in the gym or in their respective settings need to keep their focus, hydration and energy levels optimized at all times to maximize their training capacity.

The majority of intra-workout supplements contain fast-acting carbohydrates, essential amino acids, branched-chain amino acids and/or electrolytes.

Evolve Nutrition’s Prolong BCAA formula helps you recover from hard workouts by reducing the protein breakdown within your muscles. Increase testosterone and growth hormone, your body’s most important fat-fighting and muscle-building hormones – and get the most profound effect when you’re following a training program and cutting calories in order to drop weight. Try Prolong from Evolve Nutrition for a stimulant-free alternative to a great workout boost!


Getting all of the nutrients you need to recover from a workout is vital. After working out, your body is in a state of deficiency, and requires particular compounds to sufficiently recuperate. Not only does proper recovery help to repair muscle and tissue – your post-workout supplement choice also impacts your ability to gain muscle and improve overall performance. This comes into play when we start looking at your body’s requirements for replenishing energy stores and rehydrating. 

Evolve Nutrition Creagen Elite is a performance enhancing creatine formula that delivers a multi-stage combination of carbohydrates that includes Glyco-Nova™, Cluster Dextrin® and Palatinose™ which forces a powerful insulin spike during and after your intense workouts.

The unique carbohydrate ratio’s trigger an immediate insulin output, enabling it to shuttle the clinical dose of CREAZ® (creatine anhydrous) and other vital performance nutrients straight into the muscle, for accelerated endurance and recovery levels.

Peak O2™ Mushroom Blend has been included at 1 gram. These powerful mushrooms are known adaptogens which may assist in extending the time to exhaustion, maximize power output, elevating peak strength, oxygen utilization and exercise capacity.

Peak O2™ works together with an array of anti-cramping phosphate rich agents to support muscle function even in the most strenuous conditions.

Evolve Nutrition Creagen Elite is the perfect creatine recovery and strength formulation using only the best branded ingredients on the planet.

AN IMPORTANT NOTE: Cregen Elite has been designed as an intra & post-workout drink.

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